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Are you considering as aircraft purchase?

     Whether it is your first aircraft or an upgrade to a different type of aircraft, we can help you determine if this is the proper business decision to make.  Unfortunately, we have seen smart business people make uninformed buying decisions and paid the price later,  bleeding red ink all over their financial ledgers.  It can be overwhelming with all of the aircraft choices on the market today.  Generally if an aircraft appears to have a price that is too good to be true, there is a reason.  Upcoming regulations, operational limitations, fuel consumption rates and ever increasing fuel prices,  maintenance and safety issues,all can be factors.
    The right aircraft, operated in a professional manner can be a huge asset. Many of our clients have found that they can expand their business by more efficiently utilizing their key people's time and resources.  Do you find you are in an industry that requires quick response and that you are having a difficult time covering established clients or even worse, missing new opportunities?  Does hiring the right staff require long periods of time?  Maybe your experience has been that it takes considerable time to get new hires up to speed.  If this is the case corporate aviation may be your answer.  Whether it is aircraft ownership or possibly charter, we will help you explore these questions and many others.  We will assist you in finding the right options for your specific needs.

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Jacobi Aviation Services LLC.
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