Jacobi Aviation Services LLC.

Aircraft Charter in Indianapolis Indiana

Provided by Executive Aero Charter Management
A Wholly Owned Division of Jacobi Aviation Services, LLC.

At Executive Aero Charter we know that inconvenience and wasted time are big enemies of today’s business traveler.  Would you like a short walk from free parking, quick check-in, someone to tend to your luggage, and be airborne in less time than it takes to get thru security at the big commercial airports? Would you be more comfortable knowing everyone that is a passenger on the aircraft? Would you like to be able to work on sensitive documents while en-route with-out a stranger looking over your shoulder? Would you like to have access to over 5000 airports in the US to arrive as close as possible to your final destination? Do you place high value on your time and productivity? Would you like to have someone arrange appropriate ground transportation for you at your destination?
Executive Aero Charter, a wholly owned division of Jacobi Aviation Services LLC, can put all these factors to work for you in a positive way. We have the most economical,  pressurized, all-weather aircraft in the Mid-West. Our aircraft easily and safely utilize runways that are not accessable to the airlines. For a quote, send us a quick email at,
info@jacobiaviation.com, and include the starting and destination city including state (small towns are fine), number of passengers, and dates of travel. We will respond with a quote for a custom tailored trip to meet your needs. Executive Aero Charter is an FAA Certified On-Demand Air Carrier, certificate # J1AA789L.

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